Installing the One Ton Front End Version II

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Tie Rods and Shocks

If you're replacing the tie rods, lubricate the center threads with chassis grease or anti-seize. Adjust the new tie rod assemblies so they match up with the old ones. The tie rod ends should be threaded into the center tubes evenly, with the same number of threads showing on each side of the tube. The right side tie rod assembly (inner end, center tube, and outer end) should be the same length as the left side assembly. When tightening the clamps, the gap in the clamps should NOT line up with the slot in the center tube; see the manual for details. Torque the tube clamp bolts to 20 ft-lbs.

The old tie rods were mounted with the outer stud facing down into the knuckle. On the new knuckles, the eye is a little higher and the taper is reversed, so the tie rod stud must face upward. You must either reverse the direction on the outer (longer) tie rod end, or swap the left and right tie rods.

Degrease the tie rod tapers and mounting eyes with brake cleaner. If you're replacing the tie rods, hold the new tie rod assembly so the longer end is toward the knuckle and the shorter end is toward the coach. Insert the stud of the outer (longer) tie rod upward into the new knuckle steering eye and thread on its nut. Install the inner (shorter) tie rod end onto the steering arm with the stud pointing toward the front of the coach.

Torque the nuts to 40-50 ft-lbs. Install new cotter pins and fold back the ends. Do not back the nut out to install the pin.

Note: It may be difficult to get the outer tie rod cotter pin inserted due to the thickness of the knuckle eye. Curving the cotter pin may help.

Lubricate the tie rod ends through their grease fittings. If you can't get grease to go in, check the grease fittings.

Work the lower shock absorber eye onto lower control arm shock mount and install the nut. You may need to jack the A-arm up or down to get the shock inserted. Slide the upper end of shock absorber into the frame bracket and install the bolt and nut. Torque the nuts to 90 ft-lbs

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