Installing the One Ton Front End Version II

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Before you start, order these parts:

You'll need right and left front brake calipers for a 1996 GMC/Chevy Suburban Diesel 4x4 with 8600 lbs GVW (also referenced in parts catalogs as having 13" rear brake drums). Order "loaded" or "semi-loaded" calipers so you get all the hardware required. If you get "semi-loaded" calipers, you'll also have to order brake pads.

Note: These are NOT the same calipers as the 80mm upgrade to the OEM front brakes.

Some sample part numbers are listed below. Unless otherwise noted, these are loaded calipers (include pads):

If you haven't already upgraded these parts, you should also consider getting:

If you find the upper A-arm cam bolts are stripped, order Moog K5266. Specialty Products Company (SPC) 83160 will also work, but the cams are slightly smaller. One kit does both sides of one A-arm, so to replace all you'll need two kits.

The seals on the back of the knuckles have been inspected and determined to be in good condition. There are also dust shields on the new axles that fit over the seals for extra protection. If you prefer to replace the knuckle seals with new ones, the NAPA part number is NOS 31504.

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Getting Started
Remove the Middle Parts
Upper A-Arms
Lower A-Arms
Knuckles and Axles
Tie Rods and Shocks
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