Installing the One Ton Front End Version II


The classic 1973 - 1978 GMC Motorhome is a marvelous machine. However, as most GMC owners know, the front end is a weak point of the design. Around 2007, Bill Hubler developed a kit to retrofit GM heavy duty truck parts onto the GMC motorhome front end. In 2011, Manny Trovao figured out how to improve the kit and brought the cost down by buying new parts in large quantities. The result is the new Version II One-Ton Front End Kit.

This is a terrific upgrade that solves a lot of problems. Given how difficult and expensive it is to service the original bearings and how often it must be done, this is a cost effective solution for that problem alone. It provides much bigger sealed bearings good for 200K miles. In addition, it gives you heavy-duty knuckles, ball joints, and CV joints, bigger brake rotors, reinforced lower A-arms, and a spacer that moves the front wheels into line with the rear.

These instructions describe how I installed the Version II kit. Mostly. They also include tips from pros and things I learned that I wish I'd known in advance. Special thanks to the knowledgeable people who provided advice, encouragement, proofreading, ideas, and extra pictures, and THANK YOU Manny Trovao and Bill Hubler for this great upgrade!

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THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I will update it as I get feedback. Please use the most current version. This copy was published 3/18/2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Manny routinely upgrades his kits as he gets feedback. Some of the parts you receive may look different from the ones pictured here. I will try to keep these instructions updated if there are significant changes.

WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Working around and under a 6-ton vehicle is hazardous. The instructions are as correct as I can make them, but I OFFER NO GUARANTEES ABOUT ANYTHING. I have no monetary interest in the people or products mentioned in this document.

© Copyright 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 K. Bradley

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Extra Parts
Getting Started
Remove the Middle Parts
Upper A-Arms
Lower A-Arms
Knuckles and Axles
Tie Rods and Shocks
Almost Done
Notes:A-Arm Reinforcement
Notes:Separating Ball Joints
Notes:Kit Parts List